4 Tips to Find the Best Product Photographer for Your Brand

by | Feb 16, 2024

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So, you’re selling a product and want to make it the next big thing? Considering our digital age, if you’re not showing off your product with high-quality photos, you’re basically playing hide and seek with your customers – and you’re the one hiding.

But you want your product to be in the spotlight, not just on shelves, right? And you need those eye-catching photos that make people want to click ‘add to cart’ faster than you can say, “Cheese! Is that correct?

If you are ready to transform your product’s image, read on, and you’ll discover how to find the best product photographer who doesn’t just take photographs but tells your CPG brand’s story.


Tip #1: Clearly Define What You Need

Before you start looking for a professional product photographer, it is essential to define your needs as clearly as possible. What type of photographs do you want, and where will you use them? The more precise your vision for the style, the faster you’ll find the right professional, and you’ll avoid wasting time and money on photos that don’t match your idea.

First and foremost, the photographer’s style should align with your brand’s identity and the intended theme of the photoshoot. Start with sources of inspiration to match your vision with the result you want to receive, provide some samples to compare it with the potential photographer’s portfolio, and help your photographer understand your needs. To streamline the process, have well-defined instructions ready for discussion before starting the process.

Remember, a product photography shoot is a creative and dynamic process. It’s crucial that you share your ideas and get your point across. Additionally, If you click with the photographer personally, it could be the start of a great working relationship!


Tip #2: Consider your Budget

When you’re looking for a product photographer, remember that you often get what you pay for. A high price can signal a photographer’s experience and professionalism. There’s no fixed price for photography, but cheaper options typically mean lower quality. If a photographer’s work really wows you, it’s worth investing in their services.

Take a good look at what the photographer usually shoots – the types of products, their style, and techniques. Match their strengths to your needs. For instance, your photos should reflect that premium feel if you’re selling high-end products. It’s worth paying for great photography once rather than saving money on low-quality photos that won’t sell your product well.


Tip #3: Check The Product Photographer’s Portfolio and Reviews

Before you team up with a photographer, ensure you’re on the same page. Ask about their experience and brands they’ve worked with, and verify their portfolio and reviews. When checking their portfolio, look closely at each photo – if you like what you see, have a chat about their experience with similar products and their technical skills.

Pay attention to lighting (no harsh highlights or dull, flat lighting), background (it should complement, not overpower your product), composition (everything should be harmonious, with the product as the focal point), and editing (proper focus, cleanliness, and accurate colors). Does a photographer have what it takes to provide product photography that meets your brand’s needs? Are the desired style within his scope? It is essential to find out this from their portfolio and reviews.


Tip #4: Ask Questions

If you have determined your needs and found some photographers who seem right for the job, it’s time to discuss them with them. You can ask questions to understand how things will go and what you’ll get. Start simple: How long have they been working with product photography? What brands have they worked with? You can check their answers by looking at their photos from those brands during the chat.

Prepare information about what kind of photos you want: do you need product shots only on a single-color background, or do you want to get photos with different stylized backgrounds? Confirm that they can deliver the style and format you need. Be clear about your requirements since the more precise you are, the easier it is to find the right photographer for your project.

Also, discuss when you need the product photography and how much you can spend. You can only start working together once you agree on these things. Remember, taking product photography is not just about clicking a camera. It’s a creative process and needs good communication.


Prepare for Your Photo Shoot

Make sure to tell the product photographer clearly what you’re aiming for. What do you want the photos to look like when they’re done? If you’re not good with photography terms, give examples of photographs and references to help explain. This way, you and the photographer will be on the same page.

Figuring out if a photograph is top-notch is pretty easy – they should make you go, “Wow, I need this!” When looking at product photos, it’s all about that “gotta have it” feeling. That photo is a winner. The product photographer’s job is to play a matchmaker between you and the product, using just the right light and angle to make your target customers love your product at first sight.

In a nutshell, if you’re browsing through photos and suddenly start imagining how awesome your life would be with that product, then give a thumbs-up to the product photographer – they’ve just done an outstanding job in making that product irresistible!

If you have any questions or need help with your product photos, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to jump on a quick call with you to discuss your project and find the best possible way to assist you.