10 Powerful Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Professional Product Photography


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The common myth is that professional product photography is too expensive, which can discourage startups and small business owners from investing in it. Moreover, many business owners assume investing in high-quality photography is tossing money into the wind. However, the real issue isn’t their cost but not knowing how to really use them afterward.

The first task a business always has to accomplish is to increase sales, and the second is to increase the selling price. So, let’s get straight to the point on one of the great ways to get there.

If you invest in product photography but keep those photos hidden in a folder on your computer, you’re missing out. Those images should be everywhere – on your website, social media, in-store displays, and ads. They’re one of the most essential marketing tools to catch people’s attention and show them how great your products are.

Here are 10 strategies on how you can get your money’s worth from your investment:

1. Use Product Photography for Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to standing out in the digital world, nothing does the trick quite like product photography. You’ve heard the saying, “A photo is worth a thousand words,” right? Well, in online shopping, high-quality product photographs can also be worth a thousand clicks. When you spread them across your digital channels —your website, blogs, and online ads—they work tirelessly, 24/7, to bring you more buyers. It’s because high-quality photographs give people a reason to look and click to see what you’re all about.

2. Incorporate Product Photography in your Blog Posts

If a how-to guide or a blog post has caught someone’s eye, it might have had some high-quality product photographs. By using them for your blogs and guides, you can also educate and inspire your target audience. Their use increases the possibility for people to share and talk about your brand. Moreover, this is how you build a community around what you sell and not just do marketing, and that’s what you want, right?

3. Leverage your Social Media Content

Do you want to boost the engagement with your audience through the roof? This is possible with the consistent aesthetic of high-quality photographs, especially on social media, where your brand can truly shine. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are visual by nature, which means they’re perfect for showcasing your products. That’s why you should use them wisely and share-worthy images that resonate with your brand. Use them in organic social media content as well as in paid advertisements.

4. Get More Clicks in Email Marketing Campaigns

Use your high-quality product photographs for your email marketing to make every subscriber take notice. When they open an email, greet them with an image that makes them want to own the product instantly. The power of a great photo is about creating a visual hook that draws people in. And if you pair that with a compelling call-to-action, your subscriber can hardly resist your offer!

5. Increase Your Impact with Product Photographs for Cross-Promotions

You probably know that when you join forces with brands that complement yours, you both become twice as strong. This is where you can showcase your products in co-branded content or sponsored posts that reach beyond your usual audience and elevate both brands in the eyes of consumers.

6. Incorporate Product Photography in Out-of-Home Campaigns

Who says our brand has to exist only online? Taking your product photos from the screen to the street with out-of-home ads is a great leap. Just imagine your product on a big billboard, catching the eye of everyone who passes by or greeting people waiting at bus stops. This makes sure your brand pops up in everyday life. Once it makes a lasting impression, it sticks with people, and that’s exactly what you want, right?

7. Create Attractive Displays at Point of Sale Locations

When people are about to buy something, they’re often not 100% sure. They might think, ‘Do I really need this?’ or ‘Should I spend my money on this?’ That’s where your product photographs come into play since they can push people from ‘maybe’ to ‘yes.’ High-quality product photographs at the point of sale make your products stand out. They show off how great your product is and make people decide to buy.

8. Create Your Marketing Materials

Once you have your high-quality product photographs, don’t just use them on the internet. You can create flyers or catalogs to show off your product in a way that people can actually touch. And make sure you tell people how to find you. Add a big ‘Call now’ or ‘Visit our shop’ near those pictures. Putting your product photography in print and having them online is like covering all your bases. It’s a smart move that attracts more people to buy from you. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

9. Use Your High-Quality Photographs for Press Releases

Got something newsworthy? Don’t just write about it—show it off with your best product photographs. Including these images in your press releases gives editors and journalists a ready-to-publish picture that can make headlines. It turns out your announcement into a story people can see and share across different media such us magazines and news outlets.

10. Take Advantage of Product Photography for SEO

Product photography plays a significant role in your SEO. Adding the correct descriptions and keywords to them is like putting up a signpost for search engines, ensuring people can find your brand and product easily online.


Take Away

Don’t let poor-quality photos be the weak link in your sales chain.

We know that product photography is often the first or second thing online shoppers look at—along with the price. And, indeed, the last thing you want someone to do when they hit your product page is bounce.

However, poor quality or a lack of cohesive brand identity and product photographs will undoubtedly lead to high bounce rates. Moreover, they discourage potential buyers so that even discounts and low prices cannot keep sales. Conversely, a professional, high-quality photograph identity will build trust toward your product and increase sales.

Want your products to truly stand out and give your brand the spotlight it deserves? Reach out to us, and let us help you create your consistent brand identity with professional, high-quality photographs!